The Kalamazoo Ghostbusters are a group of devoted “Ghostbusters” movie and TV franchise fans in the Kalamazoo area. We dress in full uniform (costume), complete with proton packs and many prop devices, promoting community and family building event as well as many non-profit fundraising events and efforts in our community.  We’ve also appeared in events across Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana and anywhere else that we’re called upon.

We’re strictly a fan based franchise and does not claim to eliminate or participate in any real paranormal investigating or research.

The Kalamazoo Ghostbusters strive to perform in a professional and ethical manner. We take our commitment to individuals, and community very serious. We strive to bring community and individuals together through non-profit work and events which promote fun and well being.

Ghostbusters fandom is huge and widespread.  We believe in the concept of a “Ghostbusters franchise” which allows us to create our own identity within the world of Ghostbusters.  This also allows us to interact with other “franchises” within Michigan and anywhere else.

“The Kalamazoo Ghostbusters”, “Kalamazoo Ghostbusters”, “Ghostbusters of Kalamazoo” or “GBK” are in no way affiliated with the Sony corporation and are strictly a fan based group that works as a non-profit entity.